Real progress is being made in the development and implementation of ITIL V3 qualifications

Keith Aldis, CEO, itSMF, said in a statement: "We are very pleased to be able to support, engage on and oversee how things are going with the introduction of ITIL qualifications into our industry. Whilst there will, as always, be teething problems with the introduction of any new set of qualifications, particularly one like the new ITIL V3 qualifications and which is such a radical and wide sweeping refreshment to an already well established and successful training and examination programme, itSMF is pleased to see real progress being made by APMG and its partners in its successful development and implementation.

APMG as the Accrediting Body appointed by the Office for Government Commerce is proving a very useful ally in helping us to professionalise our industry and helping us to support the industry's network of Approved Training Providers and Examinations Institutes. It is refreshing to see a greater level of co-operation between all bodies which can only be of benefit to the professionalism and drive that the industry needs in order to raise its profile.

In almost every part of the globe, IT Service Managers are engaging with us, and the wider Best Practice Partnership as well as its supporters in industry to ensure that holding ITIL V3 qualifications become the norm for individuals wishing to prove success and be recognised wherever they are working. This is what we in industry expect and something that our clients demand if we are to be truly business oriented Service Managers.

Employing individuals who are properly qualified to deliver the role for which they are expected to deliver, is crucial to the continued success and growth of our industry."