The itSMF Internal Communication Strategy

I am pleased to introduce the new Internal Communication Strategy for the itSMF. This strategy has been designed to support the structures and working practices arising from our itSMF Change Program. It complements our Governance Plan and Chapter Maturity Model in setting out our high level aims, principles and development targets as the Movement moves into its next phase.

The strategy has a broad scope: it covers communication up, down and across the itSMF, as well as communication with Chapters, Subsidiary's and our members. But at the same time it is intended to focus on a small number of key principles, rather than prescribe in detail how best to communicate in all the different circumstances that arise in the organization. It is closely linked to our defined KPIs to ensure that good communication practice is identified, ecognized and shared.

Ulf Myrberg
itSMF International
Officer in Communications

To find out more, please view the attached pdf.