Cabinet Office releases contract information on the future of the Best Management Practice (Swirl) portfolio of products

Initial information has been released by Cabinet Office as to the potential changes to the management of the Swirl portfolio and can be found here -  

"This is a significant time for all of us within the IT Service Management and ITIL community." Commented Marianna Billington, Chair of itSMF International "Members of the itSMF have been involved in every part of every iteration of ITIL and it is very important that we play an active part in its future. The one thing that is clear cut is that itSMF will continue to be the IT Service Management community into 2014 an beyond and needs to ensure that the voice of the customer is heard as this process continues. itSMF International and more importantly the members of our 60 chapters around the world will be key stakeholders in ITIL for as long as it remains relevant to those of us in Service Management. We will work with Cabinet office to help ensure that the future of ITIL and the other parts of the Best Management Practice portfolio are well looked after and that we remain an integral part of their future."