2013 International Whitepaper Competition Results

2013 International Whitepaper Competition Results

itSMFI is pleased to announce the results of the 2013 International Whitepaper Competition. 

Nine papers were submitted, representing 6 countries (Australia, Belgium, Korea, Russia, UK and USA).  The papers were rated by an international panel of judges against the following criteria:

  • Readability
  • Relevance
  • Technical accuracy
  • Currency
  • Depth

The top three entries in the competition are:

PRESS RELEASE - AXELOS appoints Kaimar Karu as Head of ITSM

AXELOS appoints Kaimar Karu as Head of ITSM

28 February 2014

AXELOS has continued to grow its management team with the appointment of Kaimar Karu as Head of ITSM (IT Service Management).

Kaimar is an experienced ITSM practitioner who has a career background in IT support, software development and project management.

He has a passion for education and taught in schools and universities in his home country of Estonia before becoming a professional trainer. Over the years he has trained ITSM and project management professionals across Europe.

International Handover Meeting

Dear Colleagues,       NEW OFFICE BEARERS ELECTED FOR 2014

At the recent handover Board Meeting of the International Board of Management held in the UK Chapter Offices, the following Directors were elected to office for the 2014 year.

Chairman : Bartosz Górczyński
Vice Chairman : Alejandro Debenedet
Treasurer; Colin Rudd, and
Board Secretary:  Harold Petersen.

PRESS RELEASE -Thank you for “Hello itSMF Turkey” event!

ISTANBUL - Jan. 29, 2014

January 29th marked the "Hello itSMF Turkey" event! With more than 25 attendees from 20 different companies, we exceeded our first goal - thank you to who attended, sponsored, and hosted.



itSMF Turkey Board Members;

(from left to right)

itSMF Singapore Annual Conference - "ITSM Leadership Congress 2014"



itSMF Singapore invites you to join its "ITSM Leadership Congress 2014" - a much awaited event for anyone. A lot of areas going to be discussed in this one-day congress that is filled with ITSM Leaders across the region along with industry experts and consultants.

Axelos CEO Peter Hepworth with itSMF in Australia

itSMF Australia hosted a two city speaking engagement by Pete Hepworth, CEO of Axelos, Global Best Practice, the new joint venture charged with commercialising the UK Government's best practice suite including ITIL and PRINCE2.



Events were held in Sydney and Melbourne.

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