Overview of AGM and Chapter meeting

Overview of AGM and Chapter meeting

itSMF International had its annual AGM and Chapter meeting in Stockholm on the 21st October. Below is a short overview of what happened at these two very important meetings. Also there is some video of the event taken by our hosts -

AGM: https://vimeo.com/52756747  
Chapter Meeting: https://vimeo.com/52753609  


The Election of four (4) directors onto the International Executive Board (IEB) took place with the following directors voted on -

- Alejandro Debenedet (Argentina)
- Ulf Myrberg (Sweden)
- John Deland (Canada)
- Bartosz Górczynski (Poland)

All but John Deland from Canada were being re-elected onto the board, for John this will be his first term of office. Many congratulations and good wishes to John in this exciting role.

Chapter meeting

The chapter meeting had numerous conversations, debates and break off sessions. A separate overview document will all decisions has been sent to all chapter leaders and the full minutes from both meetings with also follow shortly.

Initially Marianna Billington opened the chapter meeting with four tenets that the IEB have put together -

1) We will not engage in activities that competes with any chapter
2) We will reimburse any lost revenue from chapters for activities that have been done
3) We will tender independently & agnostically for any services that are required
4) We will include chapter leaders in future board meetings - both physical and virtual

One of the key parts of the day was spent in a strategy workshop and a new set of strategic goals has been set for itSMF International. This has been sent to all chapter leaders.

Time was also spent going through the budget for the next financial year. Christopher Jones will send out a new budget with recommendations for this year's levies for the full board (all chapter chairs) to consider.