itSMF South Africa Book Launch / Vendor Event

The itSMF South Africa Chapter is holding a Book launch, sponsored by Service-Now. The book 'An Integrated Requirements Process' is published by itSMF International.

1pm Lunch
2pm Introductions
Patrick Malaperiman (Service Now) & Peter Brooks (Director itSMF South Africa) 2:15pm itSMF Update 2:20pm Book launch - Peter Brooks
- two books published in February (pre-orders will be available on the day)

- Publisher: itSMF International Title: 'An Integrated Requirements Process'

- Publisher: TSO Title: 'Collaborative Consultancy'

2:45 Why does Service Management have to be so bleeping difficult? -
3:15 Break
3:30 An introduction to ServiceNow
3:45 Customer presentation - University of Cape Town
4:15 Demo of ServiceNow
4:45 Customer presentation - TBD
5:15 Wine tasting/Cocktails

Sponsor: Service Now

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