The International Executive Board (IEB) quarterly meeting update

The International Executive Board (IEB) met in January in Australia for our recent quarterly board meeting and included within this communication are some key highlights of the output of that meeting.

This was a milestone meeting for the IEB as it was the first one that we welcomed one of our chapter leaders to as Kathryn Heaton, the chair of itSMF Australia, attended. Following the AGM and Chapter meeting in Stockholm last year the IEB confirmed that any chair from a chapter in good standing can attend a meeting and Kathryn was the first to take up this new initiative. Kathryn was an integral part of the meeting and provided an enormous amount of input and we look forward to this growing as a way of working closer together as a movement.

Key outputs of IEB meeting

1) Future structure of the IEB - a large part of the meeting was spent taking in the feedback from the workgroup put together after the Stockholm Chapter meeting to put together a draft future structure. That draft has been circulated to the working group and is currently being revised with their comments and feedback and will shortly be sent out to all chapter leaders to vote on.
2) Budget & levies - following the feedback at the Chapter meeting time was also spent on revising the budget for 2013/2014 and within that the levies for 2012. This amended budget will be sent out shortly.
3) priSM - part of the meeting was a dedicated meeting with two of the priSM global board (Mike Davies & David Clifford) and was spent looking at the future of priSM and more specifically what changes are required to make priSM a global success. There is work to be done here but it was a very positive meeting and significant changes should begin in the next month. John Deland who has just been voted onto the IEB has become the Director in charge of priSM and will be supported in picking this up by Marianna Billington and Harold Petersen.
4) Publications - Bartosz Górczyński put forward some key changes to how we manage publications globally. The details of these are being worked through currently and will be distributed once this is finalised.
5) ITIL tender - there were discussions around the future of ITIL and the entire SWIRL portfolio but as the tender process is still in process there is no information on the future of this and itSMF's involvement in that future at this stage. Both itSMF International and some of the chapters are working to make sure that the itSMF movement is a key part of the future of ITIL and works closely with Cabinet office and whoever will be running the SWIRL portfolio from 2014.

Should you have any questions about any of the topics then please do contact either myself or our company secretary with these questions. I have also listed our current IEB members with their roles and contact details below.

Kind regards,

Marianna Billington
Chair, itSMF International