ICT Infrastructure Management Qualification awarded Complementary Status in the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme

The APM Group, which is responsible for the ITIL Examination Scheme, has announced that the Information Communications Technology Infrastructure Management (ICTIM) qualification has been granted 'Complementary Qualification' Status within the ITIL V3 qualification scheme.

BCS-ISEB is delighted that this is the first qualification to be granted this status so that candidates who wish to take or who have already taken the ICTIM qualification will therefore gain 3.5 credits for this qualification within the V3 Scheme which can contribute towards their ITIL V3 Expert certification.

The Complementary Qualifications Scheme is an initiative run by The APM Group in association with itSMFI and its International Qualifications and Certifications Committee (IQC). The scheme allows all Licensed EIs to submit certifications for assessment by a panel of experts at the ICQ for their relevance and the supplementary content they offer to the existing V3 portfolio of examinations and certifications.

The successful outcome of this assessment will be the recognition of these certifications as 'Complementary Qualifications' and the award of credits within the scheme. The ICTIM qualification is offered by BCS-ISEB as part of its ITIL V2 scheme examinations and certifications.

Colin Rudd, itSMFI Director of Professional Qualifications and Certifications said: "ICTIM has joined the ITIL V3 Scheme as a complementary qualification. The ICTIM qualification explores the technical and service management aspects of ICT infrastructure management. It is essential that technical competencies should be part of an organisation's overall service management culture. The qualification covers the areas of strategy, design, planning, deployment, operations and technical support as well as the overall management aspects of infrastructure and technology."

For more information on the credit system which supports the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme, please see ITIL V3 Credit System and The Relationship Between V3 & V2.