Code of ethics and ethics services from the International Ethic Review Board

Before the AGM and Chapter meeting in Stockholm in October itSMF International's Ethics Review Board (IERB) has spent considerable time and effort in reviewing and revising the current set of codes of ethics and in putting together two new services that this dedicated group can now deliver to the itSMF chapters. These two new services along with updated code of ethics documentation were sent to all chapter leaders for feedback from the Stockholm meeting.

Led expertly by Robert Falkowitz, this group also included Jenny Geisler and Mr Toh, Wee Keong put together the two management services that are to be provided which are -

• A Clearinghouse service, designed to ensure that information about ethics and about breaches to ethics is stored and communicated in a secure manner, respecting the needs for confidentiality but also ensuring that information that must be communicated to all chapters and other itSMF entities is communicated in a timely and secure manner
• An Adjudication service, designed to handle cases of alleged ethics breaches
Other services are planned for the future, but we believe that these services represent the highest priorities for the governance of itSMF.

Having a well-defined set of policies regarding professional ethics and a means for managing those ethics are key elements to the governance of any organization. The IERB, created at the annual chapter meeting in 2010, has defined a set of services it will provide to complement the Code of Ethics for leaders and a Code of Ethics for members defined by the IEB.
Please follow the links below to see the descriptions of two services along with the updated codes of ethics.

If you have any questions around these services or would like to start looking at how these services will work for you then please do contact the IERB -