APM Group and EXIN sign agreement about Japanese translations ITIL® version 3

V3 Japanese Pilot Examination starts in April 2008
On February 15 2008 EXIN, the worldwide Examination Institute for Information Science, and APM Group (APMG) signed an agreement stating EXIN will be translating examinations and sample examinations for ITIL® version 3 into the Japanese language. Initially EXIN Japan will start with the development of translations for the ITIL® Foundation examination, followed by translated examinations for the ITIL® Foundation Bridge examination, the Managers Bridge examination and later on the Capability examination. As a result of this agreement training providers are able to offer courses in Japanese and candidates can attend examinations for ITIL® version 3 in their own language.

Pilot testing
In partnership with APMG, EXIN Japan has recently started with the production of the translations for the ITIL version 3 Foundation examination questions, based on the Japanese version 3 glossary. After completion of the development phase, the newly translated Japanese examination versions are subject to a pilot, in the form of a realistic examination simulation with an actual group of examination candidates and training providers. The results of all exams are analyzed and evaluated by external experts who are members of the Japanese EXIN QA panel. After reviewing the new exams, the QA panel can recommend improvements to be made. APMG as the official owner of the new exams, will officially approve the exam material after this pilot. It is expected that the Japanese translation of the ITIL® version 3 Foundation examinations becomes available at the end of April or early May 2008 at the latest.

Localization expertise
Since the opening of EXIN Japan in 2005, the demand for Japanese ITIL® version 2 examinations on the existing levels: Foundation, Practitioner and Manager, has been growing steadily. EXIN Japan, with the help of its valuable external experts in the IT Service Management field, was able to customize the current V2 exams in IT Service Management to the requirements imposed by the Japanese market on IT professionals, regarding both content and language. Localizing the new ITIL® version 3 examinations into the Japanese language is a logical next step.