Capacity Management


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Around 8 Years of Experience in --Configuration Management • Providing accurate information on Configuration Items (CIs) and their documentation • Controlling valuable CIs • Helping with financial and expenditure planning • Making software changes visible • Contributing to contingency planning --Problem Management • Problem classification categories • Problem trend reports • Publicized Known Errors • Problem analysis toolkit • Root Cause Analysis skills and culture • Actions to minimize impact of problems --Incident Management • Incident detection and recording • Classification and initial support • Investigation and diagnosis • Resolution and recovery • Incident closure • Incident ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication --Change Management • Prioritize and classify changes • Coordinate change impact assessment • Coordinate approval of changes • Coordinate scheduling of changes • Coordinate implementation of changes • Conduct post implementation reviews • Provide management information about Change Management quality and operations ---Release management • Conduct release planning • Coordinate design, building and configuring of releases • Coordinate release acceptance • Conduct rollout planning --Capacity Management • Dedicated Capacity Management Process Owner • Business Capacity Management to forecast capacity needs based on business events • Service Capacity Management to ensure capacity levels support established service level targets Lean Six Sigma Expertise Define Phase • SIPOC Diagram • Project Methodologies Measure Phase • 5 Whys • VOC • C&E Diagram Analyze Phase • Hypothesis testing • FMEA tool Improve Phase • FMEA tool • Impact Matrix Control Phase • Scorecard • Finding the Right Control Charts - P & U • FMEA tool --Technical Expertise • Cisco • Routers • Switches • Wireless • Security


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